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Undressed Ceramic Tea Set - PolsPotten adds a touch of fun to tableware with the Undressed tea set. With 4 cups, saucers and spoons made of white ceramic, this set is defined by the illustration of a bathing lady that decorates each piece. white ceramic 4 cups, saucers and spoons
all-over graphic print single rounded handle to the side

Dimensions: Ø10 x H6 cm 

Candle Holder Folding Round - The Round Folding Candle Holder is an essential item for candle lovers. It has stylish square detailing, it features a clean design, and classic lines. It makes for the perfect dinner table centre piece. Color Silver Finish: Nickel plated aluminium

Dimensions: L48 x W4 x H15 cm

Collision Vase - The elegant Collision Vase has a cool semi-transparent shade that shimmers thanks to its subtle Pearl colouring. Whether used as an object for display or to hold fresh flowers, it illustrates the art of decoration and adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
Dimensions: Ø19,5 x H20,5 cm

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