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A series of architectural sculptures in natural stone, playing with the notion of the archetypical house, make up a fantasy neighbourhood, with each piece their own tiny contained world to be explored, lived in and experienced. The idea behind the collection, designed by Spanish-based Italian architect Federico Babina, is to utilise architecture and its forms as narrators of tales, transforming tiny houses into “narrative objects” Each house is a kind of refuge that, like a treasure chest, holds secrets and magic spells and is a haven where you can absorb and appreciate the sounds and silence of its very architecture.

Bianco Carrara: W13.8 x L10.5 x H23 cm
Giallo Siena: W12.3 x L10.5 x H23 cm
Nero Marquinia: W11.6 x L10.5 x H23 cm
Rosso Francia: W13.3 x L10.5 x H23 cm
Color: Bianco Carrara

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